Marijn is a full-stack developer based in the Netherlands. Since the age of seven Marijn has been creating websites. Shortly after his 16th birthday he started to his own development and digital marketing agency. During studies in Denmark Marijn was part-time employed at the Embassy of Switzerland where he was responsible for design and technology. After this Marijn went into the information security business. Marijn focuses on privacy and secure by design product development.

In 2018 Marijn was part of the T500 of The Next Web, an award for the 500 biggest change agents under 26. In 2019 Marijn got mentioned in an article on ComputerTotaal in which he got interviewed about his research on the GDPR.

In a volunteer role Marijn leads the development operations at animal welfare organization Faunawatch.

Tool stack:
Python, PHP, NodeJS/JavaScript (any framework really) and both SQL and No-SQL databases such as MongoDB and PostgreSQL.